Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring

The Tutoring Center provides a list of current and former Tutoring Center tutors as a service to the community. After the list is distributed, the Tutoring Center assumes no responsibility and is not liable for any actions of either the tutor or the tutee.

Private tutors charge varying amounts, from $10 up to $35 or more per hour, depending on their experience in the subject and their credentials.


Ngoc Hoang 714-837-9585


Chris Flores 714-253-9990

Child Development

Jameela Abdullah 909-860-8791


English & ESL Michelle Bullard, M.A. 714-871-7757
English & ESL Shulin Shen, B.A. 714-924-2474
ESL Vera DeAlmeida 714-313-5246
English Genesis Miranda 626-848-3305

Foreign Languages

Chinese Steven Lai 714-510-7577
French Joel Hicks, B.A. 714-322-0902
Italian Michael Badalamenti 562-458-3660
Japanese Mao Woldt 714-791-1291
Spanish Genesis Miranda 626-848-3305


Alan Boldman, B.S. 714-920-9570
Elba Chambers 714-880-0928
Chang Liu 909-868-8328
Hooman Kalantari 714-488-1991
Robert Stuart, M.S. 562-691-5893
Jennifer Tran 310-920-4229
Yicheng Zhang 626-353-0214


Shulin Shen, B.A. 714-924-2474

Psychology (General & Statistics)

Chris Flores 714-253-9990


Chemistry Alan Boldman, B.S. 714-920-9570
  Hooman Kalantari 714-488-1991
  Jorge Medina 714-931-9730
Engineering Robert Stuart, M.S. 562-691-5893
Physics Yicheng Zhang 626-353-0214
Chemistry & Physics Jennifer Tran 310-920-4229